Led Stage Lights, 54x3w RGBW Waterproof Led Par Light, IP67 Dmx Outdoor Led Uplight


About this item

  • 54x3w waterproof IP67 LED Par light is Aluminium alloy shell,High quality sealant seals are used at each juncture,Never worry about water leaks.
  • The shell heat design adopts the blade type, which increases the surface area of the shell, which is more conducive to heat dissipation, so that the lamp bead has a longer service life.
  • it is It is a true waterproof design, waterproof grade is IP67, Both the signal line and the power cord are waterproof,When many are used together, you can connect it in series.
  • When it rains, you can use it normally and you don’t need to cover it with a tarp,You can even use it directly in the water when you design the music fountain.
  • The surface is covered with explosion-proof toughened glass,It won’t break, and it won’t hurt anyone.

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