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  • Remote Control, Sound Activated, Automatic. Mode easy to switch, easy to use. Plug in the power into the sound control mode, strobe follow the sound beating, Orange Button: Press the Orange button to enter Sound /Automatic, strobe is not controlled.
  • Blue Knob:Stroboscopic speed can be adjusted via knob button,you can adjust how sensitive you want this light to flash to the music. from slow to fast, so that you can hang it to the wall. The flashing lights fills the entire room.The stroboscopic fastest speed of about 20 times/sec,The slowest speed up to 2 times/min.
  • 108 LEDS Beads,Using plastic Shell, The appearance of small and lightweight.Shell color: Black, do not have to worry about scratching the human body. Good stability.Using high-quality broadband voltage, 50-60Hz, external constant current source, more stable, better heat dissipation.It has its own internal fan to keep it running cool. It also comes with a bracket,you can hang it up. Doesn’t require dmx cords.
  • Strobe Flash Lights Effect Light The best choice of decoration light for indoor DJ, disco, Dj-show, home, party, bar, KTV, stages, disco, celebrations, birthday gift, family party, small private party, shops, supermarkets and wedding parties, etc.This product is also suitable for all parties , Such as family celebrations, friends parties and birthday parties etc.has dazzling lighting effects, All this wonder and beauty of the night sky happen in your room!
  • Its power is 10w only , it can work 24 hours without interruption, and it never heat up even running all night. It has a wide range of applications, especially for Halloween decorations, Christmas parties, you can use it in small bars, private parties, wedding ceremonies, birthday dances, kitchens, farmland, vegetable fields, Also we’ve heard from many customers who put this mini flash in their barn, loft or garage as a warning light

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