Outdoor Stage Lights Waterproof DMX Signal Cable Wire, 5m/16.4ft 300/300v DMX Cable, with Male and Female Connectors for Waterproof Led Par Light Hand in Hand Extension Cable


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  • Suitable for outdoor waterproof stage light which with DMX512 signal protocol, for signal connection between light and light, extending the signal line distance between light and light
  • Three core shielded signal cable, 5 meters (16.4 feet) in length, Male and female waterproof design plugs at both ends, used directly after purchase, If you want to be longer, you can buy more cable use in series.
  • Your stage lighting must be equipped with the same type of waterproof design connector plug, otherwise you can not use it
  • Inside are three copper core wires, each with multiple copper wires. The DMX512 signal loss is small, almost no attenuation, the wire is soft, foldable, will not break, and the service life can be as long as 10 years.
  • Stage light interval extension signal line, mainly used for outdoor waterproof led par lights or waterproof wall washers which with hand-to-hand waterproof connection cable

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3-Pin DMX Signal Connection Cable Wire with Cannon XLR Male and Female Plugs for DMX Signal Stage Light for All Moving Head Light LED Par Light

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Outdoor Stage Lights Cable Wire, DMX Cable(With Male and Female Head) + Power Cable(US Plug and Female Head) , for Waterproof Led Par Light Used Separately


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